Hunting management

Professional software for managing your business or hunting community.


Manage all hunting data of your business in one software package.


Generate reports, analyse your data and export it over different business units.

Deermapper BUSINESS

Professional software for managing your business or hunting community.

Hunting management

Deermapper BUSINESS provides professional tools to businesses, hunting companies, hunter rings and other hunting communities to minimize administrative burden. Whether it's the central recording of shootings incl. shooting plans or the detailed recording of work performance - Deermapper offers solutions from app-based capture in the hunting ground to back-office software.

Deermapper BUSINESS can only be obtained directly from us, so that we can respond individually to the circumstances of your business. For detailed information, please contact us here.


Hunting relevant data are recorded directly in the hunting ground with Deermapper Apps running on iOS and Android. The captured data are stored securely on our servers can be managed efficiently in the office with the Deerampper WebApp. By different different user rights within Deermapper the conditions within your business can be mapped. The hubnting manager of your business defines who can see which data within Deermapper.
If you already have existing digital (GIS) data, we can integrate them into Deermapper. This ranges from existing territorial boundaries across a variety of hunting facilities (Seats, feeding stations, ...) up to existing street and path infrastructure. For questions please contact us.

Reports, analysis & export

Deermapper offers professional and extensive tools to evaluate hunting events at all levels of your business. The statistical possibilities of the Deermapper LITE and PRO licenses include, for example, the administration, evaluation and documentation of several hunting grounds.
The different operating levels of your business can be adapted to your operational needs with Deermapper BUSINESS. For questions, for a phone call or a face-to-face meeting, please contact us.

Cost plan

Deermapper ADMIN is offered from a monthly fee of 14,90 €, Deermapper BUSINESS from 29,90 €. There are also licence costs for every user assigned to the business. Deermapper LITE is available for 3,90 € per month and user, Deermapper PRO for 7,90 € per month and user. The range of functions of the LITE and PRO licence shows the different possibilities with the different licences in detail.

From an order quantity of three Deermapper LITE or PRO licences, we offer staggered discounted conditions. The more licenses are bought centrally, the cheaper the total price becomes. The following table shows our tiered prices:

License Unit price from 3 pieces from 10 pieces from 20 pieces
Deermapper LITE 39,90 € 19,90 € 19,90 € 19,90 €
Deermapper PRO 79,90 € 39,90 € 39,90 € 39,90 €
Deermapper ADMIN 149,90 € 139,90 € 129,90 € 119,90 €
Deermapper BUSINESS 299,90 € 279,90 € 259,90 € 239,90 €

Cost calculator

Use our cost calculator to easily calculate your licenCe costs.

License Unit price Quantity
Deermapper LITE 39,90 €
Deermapper PRO 79,90 €
Deermapper ADMIN 149,90 €
Deermapper BUSINESS 299,90 €
Base price 0,00 €
Discount 0,00 €
Total price 0,00 €
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